Great American Pizza Bake

There are several food weeks held during the month of February, but we doubt many of them are as delicious as the Great American Pizza Bake. This holiday event takes place during the second week of February. It’s an event that not only encourages people to enjoy freshly baked pizzas but also encourages people to make those pizzas at home. Not only is a homemade pizza delicious, but it is also cheaper than buying frozen pizza.

Although frozen pizzas can as much as $5 a pizza and up, homemade pizzas can cost as little as under $3 a pizza. And since frozen pizzas pale in comparison to piping hot homemade pizza, it’s just another good reason for people to make their own pizzas in the privacy of their homes.

The History Of The Great American Pizza Bake

Unfortunately, we have no research available to use that tells us when this holiday was invented. No one really knows who invented the holiday or when it was invented. That’s why we decided to focus on the history of pizza. Although no one knows who invented pizza, most historians have a pretty good idea of when it was invented.

Pizza-like dishes have existed since Ancient Rome. Pisna Romana was a flatbread food that was topped with drizzled honey, crumbled feta cheese, olive oil, and sesame seeds. It was a dish that Romans enjoyed and a dish that was even offered to their gods. This dish continued to evolve through history until it became the working-class dish that was enjoyed in Naples, Italy during the early 20th century. That was when the modern pizza was born.

Observing Great American Pizza Bake Week

This is the time for people to make their favorite pizza pies. It doesn’t matter if it’s floppy New York-Style Pizza, rectangular Detroit-Style Pizza, Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza, or St. Louis-Style Thin-Crust Pizza, it’s a good week for people to enjoy this classic dish. And people should spread the love about this holiday week by using the hashtag #GreatAmericanPizzaBake on their social media accounts.

When is it?
This year (2024)
February 5 Monday
Next year (2025)
February 3 Monday
Last year (2023)
February 6 Monday
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