Monday, Jan 8
Earth's Rotation Day
Tuesday, Jan 9
National Static Electricity Day
Sunday, Feb 4
National Create a Vacuum day
Wednesday, Feb 7
National Periodic Table Day
Sunday, Feb 11
International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Monday, Feb 12
Darwin Day
Thursday, Mar 7
Alexander Graham Bell Day
Saturday, Mar 30
Nano Days
Friday, Apr 12
International Day of Human Space Flight
Thursday, Apr 25
National DNA Day
Saturday, May 18
Astronomy Day
Sunday, Jun 30
International Asteroid Day
Saturday, Jul 20
Space Exploration Day
Saturday, Aug 24
Pluto Demoted Day
Tuesday, Oct 8
Ada Lovelace Day
Saturday, Oct 12
Astronomy Day
Thursday, Oct 17
Spreadsheet Day
Friday, Nov 1
Aviation History Month
Saturday, Nov 9
Carl Sagan Day
Sunday, Nov 10
World Science Day for Peace and Development
Sunday, Dec 22
Mathematics Day
Wednesday, Dec 25
Grav Mass Day